Physical exercises for Cellulite Control

Physical exercises for Cellulite ControlAttempting to discover out the best ways to remove cellulite? You are not the only one in this as lowering cellulite appears to be uppermost on the minds of several middle aged men and also ladies around the globe. By the time they reach their 30s many people are seeking means to lower fat thighs, tummies as well as bums induced by cellulite. A few of the alternatives offered to obtain rid of cellulite are anti cellulite exercises, way of living changes, cellulite diet, liposuction, plastic surgical treatment, laser therapies, cellulite creams and also gels. Each technique of losing cellulite has its advantages and disadvantages. Lots of people use only one approach to eliminate cellulite while others utilize a combination of several of these methods. Below are some approaches that work to get rid of cellulite.

Physical exercises for Cellulite Control

There are some exercises for cellulite reduction that are rather reliable but they have to be done consistently and hard. General physical body workouts are good but they do not attend to the cellulite issue locations specifically. There are certain exercises that target the legs and also cellulite thighs and stomach fat deposits reduction. One of the most effective anti-cellulite exercises are cardiovascular workouts that burn the excess body fat really quick. Cardiovascular physical exercises as well as workouts are additionally advantageous as they aid in conditioning the skin and also tissues in the afflicted area. Strolling, jogging and cycling benefit leg cellulite particularly, upper leg cellulite. Workouts and sporting activities like rowing, kayaking, swimming, boxing as well as sit ups are excellent for removing cellulite in the tummy as well as top body. You can join a fitness center and ask the coach to educate you a particular anti cellulite workout to take out those fat deposits cells that have built up on your, upper legs, bottoms, legs and also tummy. Exercise is one of the very best ways to lose weight and to get rid of cellulite naturally but you require to hold your horses as it requires time to reveal outcomes. It ought to be integrated with other methods for quicker outcomes.

Cellulite Diet for Losing Cellulite

As in a lot of issues associated with fitness diet is just one of the major causes of the cellulite problem. Cellulite includes lumps of fat cells that have actually collected in between the connective tissues of the skin providing it an uneven lumpy appearance. The primary step for that reason is to remove hydrogenated fat from you diet as well as embark on a low-fat diet. Avoid consuming convenience food that consist of butter, pet fat as well as others that contain saturated fats and trans fatty acids. Change your refined food diet with one containing veggies, fresh fruits, slim meat, nuts and also whole grains. Drinking whole lots of water will certainly assist you to keep your physical body moisturized as well as flush out the poisonous substances. Providing up alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoking also aid in general health, health and fitness and also skin care.

Surgical procedure, Liposuction and also Other Medical Treatments

Surgical treatment and also liposuction are expensive alternatives for doing away with cellulite. Surgical treatment includes threats such as blood loss, scarring, wounding, and also infection. You must be generally healthy to think about surgery. Liposuction could take out the excess fat but it makes the issue much more recognizable. Surgical treatment and liposuction could leave the skin bumpy as well as jagged. Additionally you require to be in health to think about surgery. For those who are searching for just how to get rid of cellulite, laser device treatment is additionally a choice. You can select from three kinds of cellulite laser procedures; laser device toning, Vela smooth and Tri-Active procedures.

Laser device toning is made use of for creases as well as works for cellulite that resembles creases. Vela Smooth laser treatment utilizes a mix of radio frequency, infrared light and also suction. Often 8 -10 sessions are required. Tri-Active cellulite laser device therapy uses 3 various treatments. Firstly a laser device is utilized to enhance flow as well as thus damage down the fat. Second of all a cooling system is used to lessen swelling and burning. The last action includes a massage to drain the lymphatic system. These therapies give just temporary outcomes and also consequently they should be complied with by modifications in way of living and also diet.Click Here to find out best exercises for cellulite reduction

HONEY PREGNANT Madu Penyubur Herb Quality in Malaysia


A. Women 85Rb Honey (350g net)
Honey B. Men 55rb (250g net)

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HONEY content fertilizer is a special drink for adult women and men who are specially formulated with ingredients from natural herbs. Honey is working to maintain the health of the reproductive organs (male and female) to help prevent and treat infertility.

Content Fertilization Honey made from ingredients from natural herbs and honey, Sari Kurma, basil extract, fennel extract and remove Barucina.

Arginine content in the extract fertilizer content in honey has benefits in preventing infertility and strengthen the endurance of sperm. Anethole content and boron contents contained in the extract has the advantage of maintaining the health of the female reproductive organs and is able to stimulate the performance of the hormone estrogen.

Honey can also help cope with menstrual pain and vaginal discharge in women. It can be taken by those who are married or single. For those who are not married, this honey can cope with menstrual pain and vaginal discharge, and help prevent infertility from scratch.


Honey fertilizer women

Benefits fertilizer content of honey

For fertility content
Strengthening the resilience of sperm
Stimulating hormone
Keeping the reproductive health of women
Coping with menstrual disorders and whitish
Preventing initial infertility


choice of honey
Sari Kurma
basil extracts
remove Barucina
extracts of fennel

Net: 350g


HONEY MEN fertilization:

Benefits of Honey Fertilization MEN

Coping with Infertility
thicken sperm
Keep Sperm Highest Rated
For Fire Resistance


wild honey
Date extract
Shooting Date flower extract

NET: 280gr

Some methods that often couples who want children but have not, especially now that a variety of ways to speed up the pregnancy can be found through a variety of media in the form of advertising. But of this type of method is how to get pregnant fast that sometimes there is no matching pairs and some are not suitable. Therefore, in a brief conference how to get pregnant fast,

Several Idea to Buy a Lovely Dress Gamis Pesta Keren

Gamis Pesta KerenClothing is exceptionally vital. Consequently to be accepted in the environment you stay you must dress well. However dressing well does not have to set you back a whole lot. You can make such contemplation with responding to some questions like what number you would like to job, what clothes that you might opt to state with regards to you. The inquiries come to be excellent guide to help you find best outfit for you. In this article, there are some tips that are very essential to obtain as well as avail in order to dress well without shedding much cash.

Discussing cheap dresses, lots of people consider how to acquire attire inexpensively. One aspect of economical garments is that garments that is looked after lasts longer. It is constantly less expensive to keep something great as well as obtain additional usage out of it, than to acquire for brand-new, best? Normally to conserve cash, people need to spend money. Invest in top-notch garments. Products that are well made will certainly reduce apparel prices in the long run.

If you intend to purchase a low-cost dress, consistently buy between seasons to obtain a lovely outfit at affordable. Buying summer clothes Gamis Pesta Keren Several Idea to Buy a Lovely Dress at Inexpensiveat the end of summertime excels option. It is time to shop for a gorgeous outfit with ideal cost.

Start searching around to get a gorgeous outfit at low cost. You must not confine your scanning search and also searching to a few of bordering markets. You must not be defective in your searching of low-cost and also high quality dresses. As a result you can cover your examination circle to a bigger array. The even more you browse the more you manage to get the most effective price.

These are some crucial pointers to help you locate a lovely gowns at affordable. Best of luck!

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Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plan Cara Pelangsing Tubuh Secara Alami with Smart Detox

For most mothers lose weight after childbirth

Easy because of the energy expended during lactation. Breastfeeding may indeed burn up to 500 calories per day depending on the amount of milk you produce.

However, to lose weight while breastfeeding, it is important to monitor the calories from your diet because they may tend to take revenge on food thinking that the milk will be better for the baby. What matters is a healthy and balanced diet.

Weight loss may vary greatly from one person to another. Some lose their pounds in the weeks following the baby’s birth, for others it takes a bit more time and sometimes wait for the final judgment of breastfeeding requires.

Of course, find the line after pregnancy should not jeopardize the well being of your child’s health premium above all. During lactation, it is best to gradually lose weight by simply having adequate food, Smart Detox Center rather than too quickly with a strict diet and too risky for your little one.

What plans are compatible with breastfeeding?

We can not emphasize enough, while breastfeeding your baby, do not choose a strict diet to lose weight. Each plan must be undertaken under medical consultation in advance with your doctor or health care professional.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plan Cara Pelangsing Tubuh Secara Alami with Smart Detox

The most recommended diet during breastfeeding is a plan whose goal is to slightly reduce calorie intake without compromising good nutrition because nutrients are needed for breastfeeding and for the production of healthy milk.

Some programs weight loss that are compatible with breastfeeding:

Weight Watchers

This program offers eating plans tailored to nursing mothers whose objective is to meet the recommended weight loss is half a kilo a week. See also the reviews about Weight Watchers.

Plan Vegetarian or Vegan Diet

Well-planned vegetarian or vegan diet makes good diet while breastfeeding, however, requires that nursing mothers fill the vitamin B12 deficiency of this scheme, including dietary supplements prescribed by health professionals.

The Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten-free diet based primarily her weight loss on the consumption of fresh food. It serves primarily to lose weight through a healthy diet because remember, the foods that are most often grow all the dishes done or developed and any other kind of junk food. This scheme is very compatible with breastfeeding because it is not too strict.

Breastfeeding mothers should wait at least 2 months before starting any type of diet.

A weight loss of one pound per week during breastfeeding is safe.

If you find that you lose weight too slowly, you can reduce a little the amount of food you eat to slightly reduce calories, but make sure you get the nutrients needed to breastfeed your child. Do not be too restrictive on calories because they are essential to the production of quality milk.

Could It Be Better To Purchase a New And Used Car?

The usual understanding states that in the present conditions, the wise choice is to find a second hand car, and purchasing a replacement is really a large waste of cash, only if from the dealer because it is devalued by one-fifth, and next, due to our prime rates of interest on financial loans for purchasing new automobiles has fallen to record lows, however for individuals searching for luxury cars, the circumstances are specifically favorable because the average rates of funding of these designs include fallen 7% to simply 2.9%.

Used Car

The web site for purchasing and selling automobiles keeps a lasting listing of cars Sports utility vehicles and trucks, that purchasers may finish up having to pay less monthly than if you buy a brand new vehicle, this really is because of what happening with rates of interest. Based on Jessica Caldwell, most funding demands.

Low prices versus. better conditions

Because the costs of recent cars still rise, many purchasers go for quality used cars for sale. Producers are battling with a myriad of incentives including lower interest payment plans, discount rates along with other way to make stakeholders finish obtaining new automobiles, that also has got the benefits below:

Are guaranteed not less than twelve months

You will find deals when fall approaches or models change

Mileage and engine have been in good shape that everybody wants

Yet many still see cars, as a result of a classic rule: the actual cost of the purchase isn’t just exactly what the label states, for this should be added the price of insurance and maintenance, interest, monthly obligations along with other expenses. You may also request something fundamental: What’s you’re purchasing a car? Maybe for a kid to visit college, in order to help more youthful brother, which can make you choose a second hand one.

When the decision is created and assisted found a second hand car, request the vendor everything associated with the maintenance and care continues to be done, repairs, substitutes of parts. You should check the particulars from the car in places like CarFax, which supplies an entire history, and wish documentation.

Different ways in order to save

For many people residing in a town is regarded as very costly, and go outdoors. But centered on saving, city residents know other product vehicle expenses, insurance, fuel, repairs, or major problems, and actually the only real concerns have found a parking place every so often, buy salt for car journeys fill the tank monthly and also the periodic odd seem once the speeds are transformed.

The recommendations is to select probably the most appropriate vehicle within budget and requires. Automobiles everywhere tend to be more essential than the usual luxury, along with a financial decision that will help or worsen your family economy.

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Herbal Pelangsing Tummy Naturally

Should you still costs a little of labor to slim down, then weight reduction herbal pelangsing treatments could be a great assistance to you. For hundreds of years, plants happen to be used to lose weight like a natural fix for from the most popular cold to being obese.

For a lot of people as well as their life styles are very different, perhaps a certain kind of grass works good for you unlike other if this involves weight reduction and manage your craving, so it’s easier to choose a complete mixture that contains multiple effective herbal treatments to slim down rapidly.


Herbal Treatments Slimming Tummy

A variety of herbal treatments happen to be used throughout time like a remedy to slim down or slim down. Alfalfa, corn silk, yarrow, parsley and uva ursi, dandelion, juniper, are generally noted for its diuretic qualities and therefore are utilized in pills and teas.

Eco-friendly tea, pepper, cinnamon and guarana for lengthy happen to be referred to as thermo genic plants to slim the stomach, help make your metabolism increases slightly, while bladderwrack seaweed and balla thorn increase adrenals and improve function thyroid.

Certain herbal treatments for slimming the abdomen, may really trick your body to ensure that cause you to feel full and manage your craving while plant speeds up your body’s metabolic process. Others, for example buchu and bear grapes, remove excess fluid out of your body, but when the grass is taken regularly.

Possible perils of some herbal slimming

Like several medications, herbal treatments may cause some unwanted effects. If overused, ephedra can stimulate excess in your body and cause some effects for example cardiac arrest, chest discomfort, seizures and heart heart palpitations.

Some herbal treatments to lose weight

However, just like some herbal treatments to slim down happen to be called harmful, others happen to be approved to operate securely. All kinds of peppers, which provides your metabolic process high amounts of health, this is among many. Other plants for slimming the abdomen, that are safe and will help you shed body fat are:

Gallium, a grass diet that develops in lots of parts around the globe, was typically utilized as a diuretic and lymphatic cleansing. Helps eliminate harmful toxins in the body, clears your skin and will get eliminate other concerns from the body which are triggered by gathered harmful toxins.

Garcinia cambogia extract continues to be designed for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine like a natural hunger controller only lately has acquired attention being an average weight loss pill.

Garcinia cambogia extract The functions like a natural remedy to lose weight by suppressing body fat storage, or lipogenesis, leading to hunger is covered up, increases metabolic process and reduces producing glycogen within the liver. Apparently crushes the enzyme that converts carbohydrates into body fat.

Generally referred to as a dandelion, Taraxacum officinale on may stimulate the digestive tract and liver. Wealthy in vitamins, was initially pointed out by Arab doctors within the ninth and tenth century and has been utilized in India for liver trouble for lengthy. It’s been known and utilized as a diuretic for removing sodium.

The Curcuma longa, was typically utilized in Indian medicine practices because of its advantages to the stomach, stimulate digestion. The Curcuma longa, seemed to be observed in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for cleansing the human body. Reserach has proven this plant has benefits for that liver, encourages the flow of bile that has the task of wearing down fats within the diet.

These herbal treatments as natural home remedies to lose weight happen to be proven to assist promote weight reduction and body fat pills may also discover the qualities of those herbal treatments to lose weight, which needs to be taken along with a well-balanced diet and workout program, Make sure you talk to your physician when considering supplement, plant or medicine.

jasa backlink berkualitas

According to a recent report published by a leading internet research company, Bing has taken a big leap in its race against Yahoo with regard to search engine optimization and SEO traffic generation in the 2011 calendar year. The report reveals that Bing has snatched the lead, all across the globe, for the first time.

Microsoft, the patron of Bing, has been on a spending spree to improve the search engine optimization quality of Bing. It’s also spending a voluminous amount of money to market the search engine all over the world. All of Microsoft’s endeavors seem to have paid rich dividends in the hugely competitive world of search engines dominated by Google. e.

During February 2011, the market share of Bing reached 4.3 per cent whereas that of Yahoo remained at 3.93 per cent. In the US, however, it needs to be noted that Yahoo still led Bing in terms of SEO traffic generation at 9.74 per cent with Bing at 9.03 per cent. What’s important here is that Bing has been powering Yahoo’s SEO traffic in this region.
Google, however, still leads the pack of search engines with a market share that’s close to 90 per cent. So in terms of search engine optimization preference and SEO traffic generation, both Bing and Yahoo have a lot jasa backlink to work and aspire for. As of now, Bing occupies the second spot in the SEO traffic search and allied industry though the distance between the first and second is undeniably high. Recent trends have suggested that the gap between Google and Bing has shortened because of the pragmatic decisions adopted by the latter.

Recent SEO traffic trends have also suggested that Bing is determined to further reduce Yahoo’s share in the coming years. Bing expected that the criticism Yahoo recently attracted over the quality of its SEO traffic would spin in its favor. Its expectations proved right with more number of search engine optimization experts preferring Bing over Yahoo.
Bing, after quite a long period of time, has received enough good news in its efforts to emerge as a prominent SEO traffic return engine. It’s steadily climbing up the popularity charts of SEO professionals. Moreover, with its unswerving efforts Bing has quite the potential to eat into the market pie of Google as well. Though it may not be able to dethrone Google as the leader in the internet search space, it has undoubtedly left Yahoo far behind as regards competition. With several strategic moves that Bing has taken in recent times, experts believe that it may be able to witness substantial progress. It nevertheless requires the patronage of search engine optimization experts. Bing has introduced several value-added services, besides the ones it already has, to garner more SEO traffic. It’s also trying to bolster its performance over Yahoo in the regions where it has a positive position. Asia could be a good region for Bing to train its guns, where numerous search engines are competing against each other.

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Learn How To Grow Taller Naturally And Securely Fast,grow taller classes

They will not only assist grow taller classes  you get to that peak you want but they will do it quick as nicely. If you want you were taller and want to get taller quick, look no further for a way to increase your height.


grow taller classes

Do you want to be taller than today, and you don’t have to consider the medication which is harmful and not that efficient? If you say yes, that’s very easy, but you require to maintain concentrate on performing these things and you’ll definitely get the end result that you require. These are some techniques for you which will help you to grow taller fast.

If people are at work all day, sat at a desk and then when they go home they just sit in the lounge, they are not obtaining enough physical activity. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be a part of the fitness center straight away. It just indicates that you should think about becoming a small much more energetic during the working day. Maybe consider a short walk during your lunch split. You can just do a few sit-ups during a commercial break. Weeds could be pulled out of your backyard.

The idea of adopting a wholesome diet plan seems simple, but many individuals feel puzzled or intimidated by it. We’re really speaking about what you really consume in this feeling, not a structured set of grow taller classes  trend eating guidelines. You can have a powerful physique and mind by adopting some easy to apply dietary changes.

Tip#1: Exercising every day in a regular routine can help you increase your peak and is 1 of the very best tips to grow taller. Stretching exercises and crunches can reduce your tummy and straighten your spine to improve your peak. Dash racing can assist in increasing leg size. Hanging upside down can also be fruitful in nature.

Begin consuming much more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low body fat dairy products.ways to get taller  They are the kinds of foods that will allow your physique to continue to develop. Make sure you begin eating 3 primary meals a day. In between those three foods, snack frivolously. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables as a snack. By changing the way you consume it will in reality assist you grow taller fast.

If you begin following actions like these there is no reason you gained’t get taller. If you are sad with your current peak then you need to start doing some thing to assist. And simple tips like the types above are precisely what will assist you get to that height you want and fast!

There is no reason for you to have to carry on living your life becoming short. If you want to be taller then all you need to do is begin following a few easy suggestions like the types over. They are what will help you successfully get those outcomes that you have been looking for.

Do you want there was something you could do to alter your height? Before you can even start increasing your own peak you require to learn how it functions. It’s extremely simple and you can even start doing it today!

How To Effortlessly Grow Taller For Adults

Part 1: Right here you will get an overview or an comprehending of the science of behind Dr. They will help you effortlessly increase your peak quick. They will effortlessly be in a position to assist you acquire some height fast.


Do you want to be taller than these days, and you don’t have to take the medicine which is dangerous and not that effective? If you say yes, that’s extremely simple, but you need to maintain concentrate on doing these issues and you’ll definitely get the end result that you need. These are some techniques for you which will assist you to grow taller fast.

So what kind of exercises can you do? Well there are about a hundred different exercises, if you merely search on the web you’ll see exactly what I imply. But right here are a few: swimming, lunges, push-up, sprint bursts, back stretches, toe raises, and so on. All of these will help promote your development and there are so numerous more you can do, just see for yourself.

Before you can even start growing your personal peak you need to learn how it works. What a great deal of individuals believe is true is there is no possible way to get taller after a certain age with out surgery. But that is false. There are many ways you can grow taller irrespective of age. It does not make a difference if you are twenty-1 or forty-one. If you want to get taller all you need to do is place these tips to use for your self.

Many people fail to realize how important a good diet plan is throughout their growing years. It’s extremely important that you eat great meals that are high in diet value to assist you acquire peak quick. All kinds of meats, dairy, and fruits and veggies are extremely essential. Calcium, in specific, is important to your bone well being.

When it arrives to gain inches quick, it all starts with working out. There are some workouts which are the key to grow taller fast. Stretching exercises are very advantageous in this regard. Excess weight resistant snap kicking, in addition to cross stretching and resistance jumping are very useful. Swimming, area kicking and upside down hanging are other physical exercise which are extremely useful to assist you grow taller fast.

Now you really have to concentrate on the kinds of meals you eat. If you wish to be any taller you are heading to have to start creating much better food options. This means remaining absent from these foods higher in fats and sugars. Do you truthfully think they are doing any great for your physique or well being? No. They may style great but there are a lot of more healthy options out there that style just as good and are much better for you. So if you want to get tall you will need to alter up your diet.

There is so a lot info available correct now in purchase for you to grow taller fast, but there are also some pitfalls which you may drop in to hindering your growth. There are some great applications accessible to keep you on monitor to help you grow taller fast. I would extremely recommend using 1 to improve your peak within a couple of weeks.

You will discover that you are taller when you wake up compared to prior to heading to bed. Have you been unhappy about your current dimension for a whilst now? Now remember this is a way to instantly look taller.

Madu Penyubur Kandungan Al Mabruroh

Apakah Madu Penyubur Kandungan Al Mabruroh ini aman?

Madu ini terbuat dari bahan herbal alami, diantaranya madu, ekstrak kurma, ekstrak daun barucina. Sehingga aman untuk dikonsumsi baik oleh pasangan suami istri maupun gadis remaja.

Beda antara madu ini dengan madu biasa?

Madu ini merupakan madu formulasi yang dibuat dengan tujuan untuk membantu menyuburkan kandungan. Madu biasa dikonsumsi tanpa campuran bahan apapun, sedangkan madu penyubur kandungan ini mengandung banyak ekstrak herbal lain yang membantu mempercepat kehamilan.

Apakah madu ini dapat dikonsumsi oleh suami saya?

Ya, madu ini selain diformulasikan untuk mempercepat proses pematangan sel telur juga mengandung zat yang dapat memperbaiki kualitas sperma. Jadi madu ini dapat dikonsumsi berdua.

Ada efek sampingnya nggak?

Tidak ada, madu ini aman dari efek samping.

Apakah madu ini halal?

Ya, madu ini halal. Izin LP-POM MUI NO. 00120054750410 dan DEPKES P – IRT 209320101800

Apakah madu ini boleh dikonsumsi saat haid?

Boleh, madu ini boleh dikonsumsi kapan saja.

Bagaimana aturan pakai untuk minum madu ini?

Madu dapat diminum 2 kali sehari. Setiap kali minum sebanyak 1 – 2 sendok. Dapat dicampur dengan air putih, tapi akan lebih baik hasilnya jika dicampur dengan jus 3 diva.

Jus 3 Diva itu apa?

Jus 3 diva adalah jus yang dibuat dari beberapa buah yakni 4 buah wortel import, 2 buah apel malang, 2 buah tomat. Semua bahan ini dijus menjadi 1 liter. Dapat diminum 2 kali sehari oleh suami istri, setiap kali minum sebanyak 1 gelas. Madu penyubur kandungan dapat dicampur ke dalam jus ini.

Berapa banyak yang harus saya minum agar bisa hamil?

Pelanggan kami ada yang berhasil setelah mengkonsumsi 1 botol. Ada yang 2 botol, 3 botol, ada juga yang belum berhasil hingga kini. Madu penyubur kandungan ini adalah stimulator yang membantu mempercepat berhasilnya program hamil. Semua hasil tergantung pada seberapa disiplin Bunda dalam mengkonsumsi madu, dalam menjaga kesehatan tubuh, dan menerapkan pola hidup sehat. Serta yang paling utama adalah semua tergantung pada Allah, Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa. Sembari mengkonsumsi madu ini bunda harus banyak berdoa dan bersedekah.

Dimana saya bisa mendapatkan madu ini?

Bunda sebenarnya bisa mencari di toko herbal. Tapi jika tidak tersedia, kami bisa mengirim ke alamat Bunda. Kami telah mengirim madu ini ke seluruh Indonesia.

Apakah ada nomor rekening BCA?

Tidak. Saat ini kami hanya menggunakan bank BRI dan Mandiri. Nanti jika telah ada nomor rekening BCA, akan kami cantumkan di sini.

Apakah paket madu saya langsung dikirim setelah saya transfer?

Jika bunda transfer sebelum pukul 12.00 WITA, Insya Allah paket madu akan langsung dikirim hari itu juga. Transaksi yang terjadi setelah pukul 12.00 WITA, akan dikirim keesokan harinya.

Paket madu dikirim dari mana?

Kami berada di Makassar. Paket madu akan kami kirim dari Makassar ke alamat bunda.

Paket dikirim menggunakan ekspedisi apa?

Kami menggunakan jasa Pandu Logistics. Sejak awal kami telah bekerjasama untuk jenis layanan pick up order, dimana pihak Pandu Logistics menjemput barang di tempat kami.

Bisakah saya meminta barang dikirim via JNE atau Pos?

Tidak. Kami sudah pernah mencoba mengirim barang lewat JNE dan Pos, tetapi ditolak. Alasan utama atas hal ini adalah karena barang yang dikirim berupa CAIRAN. Untuk bisa mengirim lewat 2 ekspedisi di atas, barang harus dipacking kayu, dan ini mengharuskan bunda menambah ongkos kirim dikarenakan berat paket bertambah lebih dari 1 kg.

Tarif ongkos kirim bagaimana?

Tarif ongkos kirim yang kami gunakan menggunakan skema di Pandu Logistics. Berat minimal adalah 1 kilogram. Jadi jika bunda membeli 1 botol madu (berat 350 gram), akan tetap dihitung 1 kg.

Sepanjang pengalaman kami, berat madu + kemasan untuk perhitungan ongkos kirim (dalam kilogram) adalah sebagai berikut :

1 botol s/d 3 botol = 1 kilogram
4 botol s/d 5 botol = 2 kilogram
6 botol s/d 8 botol = 3 kilogram

Di Pandu berlaku pembulatan ke atas (batas toleransi 0,3). Paket dengan berat 1,25 akan tetap dihitung 1 kg. Paket dengan berat 2,45 kg akan dibulatkan menjadi 3 kg, dan seterusnya.

Apakah bisa ambil di tempat?

Bagi bunda yang berada di Kota Makassar, bisa langsung ambil dan bayar di tempat. Silakan SMS CS kami.

Bagaimana Prosedur penggantian madu yang pecah dalam proses pengiriman?

Kami akan mengirim madu sebagai gantinya pada pemesanan berikutnya. Jumlah madu ganti sebanyak madu yang pecah. Hal ini untuk memberikan win-win solution bagi kedua pihak.

Apa yang harus saya lakukan selain mengkonsumsi madu ini?

Perbanyak berusaha. Konsumsi makanan yang mengandung asam folat tinggi, berhubungan di masa subur, terapkan tips berhubungan badan agar cepat hamil, konsumsi jus 3 diva, perbanyak sedekah, perbanyak berdoa, rileks dan nikmati kehidupan.

Bagaimana cara berhubungan badan agar cepat hamil?

Untuk memperbesar kemungkinan terjadinya pembuahan yang berakhir dengan istri hamil, Anda dapat melakukan hubungan intim dengan posisi sebagai berikut :

1. Raise the Hips

Pada posisi hubungan intim ini, pihak wanita mengangkat dan menyandarkan kakinya pada kedua pundah pria, sehingga liang Miss V berada dalam posisi tegak lurus. Posisi ini memungkinkan sperma yang disemprotkan langsung tertamping di atas ujung liang Miss V, yakni posisi yang terdekat dengan leher rahim.

2. Posisi Pria di Atas

Posisi ini memungkinkan penetrasi menjadi sangat dalam dan mendekati leher rahim. Saat melakukan hubungan intim dengan posisi ini sebaiknya pinggul wanita diganjal dengan sebuah bantal yang berukuran kecil atau sedang. Dengan demikian sprema lebih lama mengendap dan berenang melalui leher rahim. Semoga dengan cara ini Anda lebih cepat hamil.

3. Posisi Doggie Style

Pada posisi hubungan intim ini, pria melakukan penetrasi dari belakang wanita, sehingga terjadi penyusupan secara mendalam sekaligus memuaskan ke dalam luabang Miss V. Karena memudahkan semburan cairan semen yang berisi sperma masuk ke dalam rahim. Posisi hubungan intim ini juga sangat dianjurkan bagi wanita yang memiliki kelainan posisi rahim atau rahim terbalik.

4. Side by Side

Posisi hubugan intim ini memungkinan penyingkapan leher rahim secara maksimal, sehingga dapat menerima sel sperma dengan baik.

Perlu diingat bahwa setelah ejakulasi sebaiknya pihak wanita tetap brada dalam posisi berbaring kurang lebih 10 – 20 menit. Sebab jika wanita bangkit secara langsung maka cairan semen akan mengalir kembali ke Miss V yang bersifat asam. Kondisi tersebut membuat sel sperma lemah, bahkan mati. Selain itu, Anda dilarang membersihkan Miss V dengan cairan pembersih karena dapat mengubah keseimbangan PH. Hal ini akhirnya berakibat pada sel sperma yang tidak dapat bertahan hidup lebih lama dan berenang mencapai sel telur.

Pastikan pihak wanita juga mencapai orgasme saat melakukan hubungan intim. Sebab ketika orgasme wanita berada dalam keadaan basa, sehingga memungkinkan sel sperma mampu bertahan lebih lama untuk bertemu sel telur.

Kenapa sperma tetap keluar dari Miss V ketika pagi hari?

Sperma memang pasti keluar kembali dari Mrs.V setelah berhubungan selesai dilakukan. Jika tidak keluar kembali, akan kemana perginya cairan yang cukup banyak tersebut? Hal ini adalah kejadian yang wajar, normal, dan sering terjadi pada beberapa pasangan yang lain, sehingga tidak dapat dihindari. Juga tidak ada kaitannya dengan pola berhubungan suami istri yang tidak benar.

Agar kehamilan terjadi diperlukan sel sperma yang terkandung dalam setiap air mani dikeluarkan. Sel sperma ini yang akan membuahi sel telur pada wanita sehingga kehamilan pun terjadi.

Jika kesuburan suami maupun istri berada pada puncaknya, kemudian berhubungan suami istri tepat pada masa subur, kehamilan mungkin akan terjadi. Akan tetapi jika istri mengalami gangguan kesuburan atau berhubungan bukan pada masa subur sang istri. Kehamilan akan terhambat bahkan tidak mungkin terjadi.

Mengetahui kondisi kesuburan masing-masing pasangan, diperlukan pemeriksaan. Jika setelah pemeriksaan ditemukan gangguan kesuburan pada suami atau istri, maka diperlukan pengobatan agar kondisi kesuburan normal kembali.

Hubungan seksual yang terlalu sering sebenarnya tidak efektif bagi terjadinya kehamilan. Kalau ejakulasi sering terjadi, kuantitas dan kualitas sperma akan berkurang, sehingga ketika tiba masa subur, sel spermatozoa tidak mampu membuahi.

Ejakulasi yang sering tidak akan mengakibatkan sperma habis karena sperma terus diproduksi. Syaratnya, tidak ada penyakit atau gangguan yang menghambat proses pembentukan sperma.

Sebaliknya, hubungan seksual yang terlalu jarang juga tidak efektif bagi terjadinya kehamilan karena kualitas spermatozoa menjadi terganggu ketika tiba pada masa subur istri.

Bagaimana cara menghitung masa subur?

Cara menentukan masa subur wanita adalah sebagai berikut :

Pertama, menghitung masa subur wanita yang memiliki siklus haid teratur 28 hari. Dalam perhitungan ini, masa subur wanita dengan siklus ini adalah pada hari ke-12 hingga hari ke-16. Saya ambil contoh Anda haid mulai pada tanggal 1 Juni 2012. Maka masa subur Anda adalah di tanggal 12 Juni 2012 hingga 16 Juni 2012. Perhitungan ini berlaku setiap bulannya.

Kedua, menghitung masa subur wanita dengan siklus haid yang tidak teratur 28 hari. Untuk mengetahui masa subur pada wanita dengan siklus ini, Anda dapat mulai mencatat jumlah hari dalam satu siklus yang diamati selama 6 bulan berturut-turut (6 kali haid). Bagaimana caranya? Kita artikan bahwa satu siklus haid adalah sejak pertama kali haid hingga datang haid yang berikutnya. Jumlah dari hari yang terpendek selama pengamatan dikurangi dengan 18. Nah, tanggal inilah yang nantinya akan menjadi hari pertama masa subur Anda. Juga jumlah hari yang terpanjang selama pengamatan dikurangi 11, akan menjadi hari terakhir dari masa subur.

Perhitungan sederhana yang kita peroleh dari bagian yang kedua ini adalah :

Hari pertama masa subur sama dengan jumlah hari terpendek selama pengamatan – 18.
Hari terakhir untuk masa subur Anda diperoleh dari jumlah hari terpanjang selama pengamatan – 11.
Contoh Kasus Menghitung Masa Subur Wanita

Ambil contoh begini ya … Setelah pengamatan selama 6 bulan berturut-turut Anda menemukan bahwa siklus yang terpendek untuk menstruasi Anda adalah 24 hari dan siklus yang terpanjang 33 hari. Maka cara yang tepat untuk menghitung masa subur Anda adalah :

25 – 18 = 7 dan 33 – 11 = 22.

So, masa subur Anda sebenarnya terjadi dari hari ke-7 setelah haid hingga hari ke-22. Begitu setiap bulannya.

Kapan waktu yang baik untuk melakukan test pack?

Waktu yang paling baik untuk mengetes kehamilah adalah pada waktu pagi hari karena cairan yang kita minum dapat mengencerkan hCG dalam urin. Pada saat tidur kita tidak minum selama berjam-jam sehingga jika ada kenaikan hCG lebih mudah untuk terdeteksi pada pagi hari meskipun sebenarnya tes ini dapat dilakukan sewaktu-waktu.

Secara umum hasil yang didapat dapat lebih akurat bila tes kehamilan dilakukan dua hari sebelum menstruasi (apabila siklus haid teratur) atau bisa juga dilakukan 6-12 hari setelah melakukan hubungan dimasa subur atau bisa juga 1-5 hari setelah terlambat haid. Label rekomendasi penggunaan setiap merk test pack mungkin berbeda tergantung sensitivitasnya.

Saya sudah test pack, ada 2 garis, tapi salah satunya kabur. Apakah saya hamil?

Jika melakukan pengujian kehamilan dengan test pack dan hasilnya satu garis merah (jelas) dan satu merah muda (agak kabur), Insya Allah itu dah tanda hamil. Di USG pun hasilnya belum akan kelihatan. Coba uji lagi 2 pekan kemudian. Jika ragu baiknya segera ke bidan.

Tanda-tanda kehamilan apa saja ya?


Tidak mendapat haid, kehamilan ditndai dengan tidak hadirnya haid. Ini terjadi karena sel telur yang dibuahi tertanam di dinding rahim yang setiap bulan luruh menjadi darah haid akan tertahan hingga saat melahirkan tiba.
Morning sickness, pada minggu-minggu awal kehamilan, ibu hamil kerap mengalami mual muntah yan dikenal dengan istilah morning sicknes. Hal ini terjadi karena perubahan hormon didalam tubuh. Terkadang hanya karena mencium aroma yang menyengat bisa membuat ibu hamil mual dan muntah.
Mengidam, mengidam merupakan keinginan untuk mengonsumsi makanan da minuman tertentu. Seringkali keinginan mengonsumsi makanan dan minuman tertentu tersebut sangat kuat dan tak tertahankan. Saking, kuatnya keinginan tersebut, seringkali suami atau keluarga Anda dibuat repot. Hal ini sering terjadi pada bulan-bulan pertama kehamilan. meskipun umum terjadi, tetapi tidak ditemukan bukti secara ilmiah mengapa hal itu bisa terjadi. Ada kemungkinan mengidam terjadi karena ketidak seimbangan hormon membuat emosi ibu hamil tidak terkontrol saat menginginkan sesuatu.
Sering buang air kecil, pada saat awal kehamilan anda akan lebih sering buang air kecil dibandingkan sebelumnya. Saat hamil, rahim akan membesar sehingga menakan kantung kencing. Kejadian ini membuat anda sering merasa ingin buang air kecil, bahkan kadang-kadang ngompol saat tertawa atau terjadi tekanan pada perut bagian bawah yang agak kuat.
Pembengkakan payudara dan penggelapan areola, hal ini terjadi karena payudara anda sedang mempersiapkan air susu untuk sibuah hati. Pembesaran payudara ini seringkali dibarengi dengan terlihatnya pembuluh-pembuluh darah halus pada payudara. Selain opayudara membengkak dan areola menjadi gelap, payudara juga akan terassa lebih sensitif saat disentuh.
Kelelahan, pada awal kehamilan tubuh ibu akan berusaha menyesuaikan diri dengan perubahan hormonal yang sedang terjadi. Buah hati anda yang sedang bertumbuh menguras banyak energi. Terkadang anda juga akan merasa lebih sering mengantuk meskipun bukan waktunya istirahat.

Untuk memastikan ada tidaknya kehamilan, anda bisa melakukan berbagai tes kehamilan berikut;

Tes urin, sekarang tes kehamilan dengan urine dapat dilakukan sendiri di rumah maupun di laboratorium. Bahkan, alat-alat tes kehamilan banyak dijual diapotik dengan harga yang bervariasi. Semakin mahal harga tes pack tersebut, biasanya tingkat keakuratannya lebih tinggi. Anda dapat melakukan test pack kurang lebih 10 hari setelah persetubuhan pada masa subur. Meskipun terdapat berbagai macam test pack tetapi pada dasarnya prinsip cara kerja test pack tersebut sama, yaitu untuk mengetahui ada tidaknya peningkatan HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) didalam tubuh. Jika memang hamil, hormon ini terdapat didalam urin dan darah. Peningkatan HCG akan terjadi kurang lebih seminggu setelah ovulasi. Jadi, disarankan agar anda melakukan tes lebih minimal tujuh hari setelah ovulasi. Jika kurang dari seminggu kemungkinan besar hasil yang diperoleh kurang akurat.
Tes darah, tes darah sama dengan tes urin, yaitu dengan menguji adanya HCG dalam tubuh. Jika terdapat peningkatan HCG di dalam darah anda, maka anda dinyatakan positif hamil. Demikian pula sebaliknya.